Peer Engagement Groups.

Our team leads several types of groups designed to help improve life skills and stimulate creativity and positive thinking. With weekly groups offered that compliment most treatment schedules, our residents can easily attend.

Group Activities.

Developing creative outlets is an important step in the recovery process. Our team has found this to be a critical element in their own journeys.

Sunstone provides space for yoga and meditation for mindfulness and wellness.  In addition, educational sessions focused on cooking, budgeting, interviewing skills and other life skills are provided.

It is important that residents fill their time productively and eliminate boredom or restlessness.  Sunstone provides a wide array of supplies for crafting and artistic endeavors.  In addition, we encourage cookouts, trips to nearby parks and other group activities with our residents.

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Our Mission

Sunstone is transforming the recovery housing experience by offering safe, structured direction and support for those engaged in outpatient medication-assisted treatment. Residents are guided along the path to a lifetime of recovery, independence and peace.

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